Why Entremo?

We assist healthcare workers by introducing smart digital solutions in manual processes.

Vital sign monitoring

Measuring the most important parameters in non-intensive care


Secure and instant data transmission to a medical software platform

Real-time tracking

Keep track of every patient's status in one place, all the time

Increased efficiency

Make less rounds, but provide better care with an increased capacity

Wearable device to assist manual monitoring.

The IoT connected, sensor-equipped device is worn by patients in non-intensive care, enabling nurses to utilize their time more efficiently.

Measuring vital signs

Body temperature, oxygen saturation and respiratory rate are the most indicative signs of COVID-19 health statuses.

More frequent check-ups

With remote and automatized measurements, it's possible to keep a more detailed history of a patient's status.

More patients monitored in the same time

With every patient having a device, all measurements happen simultaneously, making it incredibly fast to check everyone's status.

Dashboard to follow everyone easily.

Results of the monitoring and device management are integrated into one system that keeps tabs on every patient. Medical staff is also provided with analytics and statistics to help achieve more detailed diagnostics.

Overview of all patients

Being able to see everyone's status at a single glance, helps nurses tremendously.

Alerts and notifications of changes

Instant reports of deteorating cases


We are proud to be working with the following international partners:

Accelerated by the Reaktor 2020
health innovation program

Meet the team

Péter Lakatos


Miklós Knébel


Kristóf Nagy

Design/Electrical Engineer

Péter Dános

Head of 3D Design

Levente Mitnyik

Engineering Lead

Benedek Zsargó

Frontend Developer

Péter Csuti

Requirement Engineer

Zsuzsi Kerémi

Senior Business Advisor

Tamás Bábel

Senior Medical Advisor

Success stories

🏆 EUvsVirus

Winner of Health & Life Domain

Entremo's breakthrough came after winning the biggest domain of the EUvsVirus competition, Health & Life, out of more than 900 international teams. The hackathon, organised by the European Commission, was one of the biggest event of the sort ever, all managed virtually.
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🏆 Hack The Crisis Hungary

Winner of Special Award from EIT Health InnoStars

When the pandemic broke out, we didn't want to wait around locked in our homes, instead we decided to tackle problems that the healthcare sector is facing. The foundation of Entremo was laid during this first weekend of April, where we received recognition from EIT Health InnoStars for the innovativeness of the project.
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🏆 COVID HealthHack

Winner of Existing projects category

After European recognition, we also participated in an American Health themed hackathon, where we were announced as the best project in the competition among Existing projects submissions.
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In the press


Magyar okoskarperec segíthet a túlterhelt kórházi osztályokon

A huszonéves magyar mérnökök egy ötletversenyből indultak el termékükkel, egy diagnosztikai karpereccel, ami egészségügyi intézményekben automatikusan monitorozza a betegek paramétereit.


Karanténból is tudták segíteni az egészségügyet

Három magyar csapat is sikerrel szerepelt az EUvsVirus páneurópai hackathonon. Élményeikről és fantasztikus fejlesztésükről...


COVID-19 Solution of EIT DIGITAL Master School students gets funding

EIT Digital Master School students will bring to market a COVID-19 solution with support from EIT Digital. The solution, a 3D printed...


Team Discover supported by EIT Health InnoStars wins #EUvsVirus

Hungarian group – Team Discover, which EIT Health InnoStars granted at the beginning of April to support the development of their...


Közös innovációval az egészségért

Soha nem volt még ennyire szükség az egészségügyi innovációk összefogására és nyomon követésére, mint most...


Introducing Entremo, Innovative Winners of the EUVsVirus Hackathon

Entremo is an innovative startup developing medical monitoring systems to replace manual processes...


How emerging Europe’s start-ups are turning Covid-19 challenges into opportunities

The ongoing Covid-19 pandemic has brought forth many challenges for most branches of industry, and start-ups...


Így lehet könnyebbé és biztonságosabbá tenni a nővérek munkáját

Egy magyar startup, az Entremo olyan karóraként hordható eszközt fejleszt, amely automatikusan méri a kórtermekben fekvő betegek életjeleit...


Egy okosóra könnyítheti meg a betegellátást

Magyar fiatalokból álló csapat egy olyan orvostechnikai eszközzel rukkolt elő, amely a nemzetközi porondon is felkeltette a befektetők érdeklődését...

Now it's time to switch old processes to smart tracking.

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